Brower Piven

A Professional Corporation

Corporate Governance And The Institutional Investor

Brower Piven can provide a full range of customized and personalized securities litigation and corporate governance services geared to public, private and Taft-Hartley investment and pension funds. Portfolio monitoring to identify investments that may be adversely impacted by actionable conduct can enable Brower Piven to alert its clients in a prompt manner that their investments have been harmed by fraud or other corporate misconduct or where circumstances offer an appropriate opportunity to enhance the corporate governance practices at companies in which our clients invest. Brower Piven is willing to offer monitoring services at no cost to our clients, and clients whose accounts the firm monitors have no obligation to follow the advise provided by Brower Piven. Instead, Brower Piven can provide its clients with information and our recommendations, and it is remains the clients' choice how to proceed.

To have Brower Piven monitor your investments and alert you when you may have the right to take action regarding adverse circumstances involving companies in which you invest, simply contact Charles Piven or David Brower for more information.  Once a monitoring client retains Brower Piven, the firm will work with that client to establish a monitoring system that imposes on the client's time and privacy as little as necessary to adequately provide the requested service. Once the monitoring system is in place, Brower Piven will alert its monitoring client to matters the firm and its lawyers believe should be brought to the client's attention. Beyond matters about which the firm alerts its clients, of course Brower Piven attorneys remain available to review any other matters our clients wish to investigate.