Brower Piven

A Professional Corporation

Brower Piven has participated as counsel in complex class actions across the United States on behalf of corporate employees alleging violations of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”). ERISA is the federal law that prevents employers from exercising improper control over retirement plan assets and requires that pension and 401(k) plan trustees, including employer corporations, exercise the highest fiduciary duties to retirement plans and participants’ retirement funds.

At Brower Piven, we are committed to enforcing ERISA and safeguarding the hard-earned retirement funds of employees.  Brower Piven has represented plaintiffs in a number of such ERISA cases, including, for example: 

  • In re Aquila ERISA Litig. (W.D. Mo.)
  • Coca-Cola Enterprises ERISA Litig. (N.D. Ga.)
  • In re ConAgra Foods ERISA Litig. (D. Neb.)
  • In re Delphi ERISA Litig. (E.D. Mich.)
  • In re Fannie Mae ERISA Litig. (D.D.C.)
  • In re Ford Motor Company ERISA Litig. (E.D. Mich.)
  • In re General Motors ERISA Litig. (E.D. Mich.)
  • In re JP Morgan Chase & Co. ERISA Litig. (S.D.N.Y.)
  • In re Pfizer ERISA Litig. (S.D.N.Y.)