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A Professional Corporation

Brower Piven also pursues for clients consumer fraud class action lawsuits. We have represented consumers across the country in class action lawsuits against some of the nation’s largest corporations. Consumers victimized by fraud, unfair business practices, defective products, or other wrongful activities often have recourse under federal and state consumer protection laws. 


Brower Piven attorneys have been plaintiffs’ counsel in a number of consumer class actions, including:


In re StarLink Products Liability Litig., MDL 1403, 01 C 4928 (N.D. Ill.).  A class action on behalf of all American corn farmers in nationwide litigation against manufacturer of unapproved pesticide which allegedly infected the U.S. corn supply and recovering over $125 million in cash for class members.


In re H&R Block, Inc. “Express IRA” Marketing Litig., 4:06-MD-01786-RED (W.D. Mo.).  H&R Block, Inc., the tax preparation company, marketed and sold the Express IRA service to its customers as an effective way to save money and earn interest.  But, according to the lawsuit, the Express IRA service paid low interest rates and came with so many different and recurring fees that many customers actually lost money on their investments.  Ultimately, the attorneys at Brower Piven helped recover $19.4 million on behalf of the class.  The lawsuit also spurred H&R Block, Inc. to convert the Express IRAs into Easy IRAs - a companion program that came with far fewer fees.


Romig v. Jefferson-Pilot Life Ins. Co., 95 CVS 9703 (N.C. Super. Ct.).  In Romig, the attorneys of Brower Piven filed suit on behalf of a class who had purchased Jefferson Pilot life insurance, alleging that the company had engaged in deceptive insurance sales practices.  As a result of the lawsuit, the attorneys of Brower Piven secured a recovery for policyholders that was valued at more than $55 million.


J.E. Pierce Apothecary, Inc. v. Harvard-Pilgrim Health Care, Inc., 98-12635-WGY (D. Mass.).  After being the victim of unfair and deceptive trade practices, several independent Massachusetts pharmacies filed suit against Harvard Pilgrim HMO and CVS Pharmacies, Inc.  After surviving several pre-trial motions, the case was successfully tried before a federal judge, which resulted in a post-trial settlement that represented more than 100% of the estimated recoverable damages for the class, even after accounting for treble damages.


Other Representations:

  • Bank of America Force-Placed Ins. Litig. (Purifoy v. BofA), 13 Civ. 1154 (S.D.N.Y.)
  • Freedman v. Comcast Corp., (Md. Cir. Ct. Balt. City)
  • Green Tree Force-Placed Ins. Litig. (Purifoy v. Walter Investment Mngt.), 13 Civ. 937 (S.D.N.Y.)
  • Huff v. Liberty League, International, LLC, EDCV 08-1010-VAP (SSx) (C.D. Calif.)
  • Segal v. Fifth Third, N.A.,  1:07-cv-348 (S.D. Ohio)